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Wood-look Tile is Trending

April 3, 2016

Kalyn Petrosky – November 3, 2016

In the construction industry, we see a lot of different trends when it comes to designing a home. One of the biggest trends we have seen lately has been the use of wood-look tile. Yes, tile that looks like actual wood!


Who loves the warmth wood flooring brings to a home? I know I do! Let’s be honest though, nobody wants to deal with the maintenance of real wood floors. Wood-look tile is the perfect solution to achieving that natural warmth of wood without having to worry about scratches, warping, water damage, dents, or resealing.  The low maintenance is one of the main factors why this particular type of flooring has become so popular.


Wood-look tiles are not only easily maintained, they are also a fraction of the cost of real wood floors. Not to mention, they look stunning!


A large majority of our recent customers have made the decision to have wood-look tile installed in their new homes. How about you, would you try this trend?


One response to “Wood-look Tile is Trending”

  1. Marie Buccellato says:

    Have already decided on wood look tile. Thank you, Britany!